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GDPR Assessment

Our GDPR assessment service can be used at the outset of your GDPR journey or at any point that you start to feel the panic and realise that you might need a bit of help. The initial assessment is a measure of your organisation’s progress towards GDPR compliance. It’s an audit of the purposes of processing individuals’ personal information specific to your organisation. We’ll take into account where information resides and how you and others process it. We’ll map out all recipients to whom personal information may be disclosed – in and outside the European Economic Area.

Data Protection Impact Assessment

We work with your organisation to identify, analyse and assess the risk of adverse effects to the rights, freedoms and interests of data subjects. We conduct a systematic investigation of the processing of personal information that you (and contracted others) undertake. We take into account the data protection measures you deploy to mitigate the risk of personal data breaches as part of your organisation’s risk management. We document your data protection impact assessment, which will form the basis for prioritising any further safeguarding actions necessary to comply with GDPR.

GDPR Report

GDPR Report

The outcome of the assessment stage is a full report of your organisation’s readiness and a GDPR action plan of steps that you need to take. The report will detail your current status of compliance – what you are already doing right and what habits will need to be changed. Any remedial actions that are still required will be outlined in the report.

Personal Data Breaches

Personal Data Breaches

We will define for you precisely what policies, processes and procedures will need to be deployed in the event of personal data breaches. This will include providing templates of risk assessments and the wording for notifications to data protection authorities and affected data subjects that may be required within 72 hours of a breach. Where you have contracts with cyber-insurance or cyber-crime insurance providers, we will map any of your additional responses to personal data breaches with services provided by insurance incident-management providers.

Book your full GDPR Assessment and Report for £500*

The price of this service includes a 2-hour consultation with one of our GDPR analysts and a full assessment and report produced within one week of the consultation. We will detail everything that you need to do in order to make your organisation GDPR compliant. We can make recommendations for compliant Insurance, IT technical and legal providers.

*based on a minimum of 4 hours at our standard rate of £125 / hour Get in Touch

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