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    We give your organisation support when you need it – either unplanned when there’s a personal data breach or to get you compliant with global data legislation.

    Do you suspect that your rights when it comes to privacy and data protection have been infringed or that an organisation has misused your personal data? If you’ve been the subject of a data breach, we can help you proceed with a formal complaint to the organisation that could result in compensation.

    Has an organisation informed you that your data has been hacked?

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Privacy Matters

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Privacy complaints

We can help you draft a formal complaint to the organisation that has misused your personal data. Ways an organisation may abuse your right to privacy or breach data protection law could include:

  • Nuisance marketing emails
  • Unjustly refusing a Right of Access request
  • Not amending inaccurate data
  • Losing or disclosing personal information

If your privacy rights have been infringed, by definition you have a right to justice. We can help you hold that organisation to account. This process may even include fair compensation and doesn’t have to cost you anything.

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Right of Access Requests

Under the GDPR, you have the right to access all the personal information that an organisation holds about you. And to change it if it’s wrong. These are some of the things you are entitled to know:

  • Where the organisation got your data.
  • What your data is used for.
  • Who your data is shared with.
  • How long your data will be stored for.
  • Whether your data is used for profiling.
  • Measures taken to ensure your data security.

Organisations are supposed to have systems in place to make requesting this information simple, but many are not yet compliant with the law. We can help you by:

  • Establishing what data you would like to access or change.
  • Identifying the best person to send correspondence to.
  • Phrasing your request clearly and directly.
  • Seeking fair compensation for any distress caused.
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